About 247 Visual Effects

Creating VFX for film is an art form in which the most essential skill is problem solving. The process truly requires a passion to assess these challenges along with precise methodologies to achieve the quality required . That being said, utilizing the latest techniques and newest software available is paramount. With an extreme attention to detail and exceptionally high level of quality control the end product created constantly raises the bar. We create beauty with art so that your senses won’t differentiate between reality and computer generated imagery.


  • Multi-pass CG Integration
  • Blue/ Green Screen Color Keying
  • Matte Painting/ Set Extension
  • Generated and Practical Effects Integration
  • Color Correction/ Editing
  • Wire/Rig Removal
  • Painting

Visual Effects

  • Creating photo realistic visual effects with an extreme attention to detail
  • Use of CG Generated Effects
  • Practical Effects Integration


  • Wire / Rig-removal
  • Marker cleanup
  • Set Extension
  • Blue/ Green Screen Cleanup
  • Rebuilding of occluded objects


  • Fixing blemishes
  • Reverse aging
  • Wrinkle removal
  • Facial manipulation
  • Restoring beauty to the shot

Set Extension

  • Seamless Integration of Matte Paintings with Live Footage
  • Adding more information to existing footage
  • Using matte paintings to extend the shot beyond the original recorded data

Concept Art

  • Research and Development
  • Look Development
  • Creating photo realistic art based upon design
  • Ability to create artwork for animation and feature films

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